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Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul

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Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul is about creating yourself anew. How do you create a "new you" in every aspect of your life? At the level of your body, at the level of your mind, at the level of your spirit. The book discusses five breakthroughs for the body. The first one being that your body is not a structure but a process in your own consciousness. This process is influenced by eating, breathing, digestion, metabolism, elimination, the world of sensory experience, thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires, memories, dreams, fantasies. The second breakthrough is that your body is an energy field that is connected to a larger energy field where there is no fatigue whatsoever. The third breakthrough is harnessing this energy through your own awareness, through attention and intention. The fourth breakthrough is about how to change your genes and even the structure of your nervous system how to "upregulate" and "downregulate" your genes so that you can optimize the functioning of your genes for maximal health, for maximal physical and mental capacity. And how you can actually change the so-called structure of your brain. The fifth breakthrough is how do you choose evolution over entropy. There are two opposing forces in the universe: the force of evolution and creativity and the force of entropy. How do you favor evolution?

Similarly, there are five breakthroughs in the soul part of this book. First of all, understanding what the soul really is, seeing that the soul is a confluence of meanings and contexts and relationships and the stories of your life, essentially. How do you get in touch with that part of your soul so that your life becomes one of effortless spontaneity? This is the first breakthrough. The second breakthrough looks at how you get in touch with that part of yourself which is pure love, where love becomes the motivating force for everything that happens in your life. The third breakthrough: how do you step into infinite possibilities in every moment of your existence? The fourth breakthrough is how to invite grace into your life. And the fifth breakthrough: how do you change your relationship to time itself? How do you metabolize the experience of the timeless?

So Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul is a book that deals with how to reinvent your entire self from the level of consciousness, because both your mind and your body are differentiated expressions of this deeper part of yourself, the core consciousness that we call the soul.

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